3D Face Scanner For Smile Design

Counsel patients using the results of the 3D face scan analysis. Predictive analytics and the actual treatment process are flexibly linked, increasing adherence in treatment, and making it easier to proceed with complex cases.

  • Face scan
  • 3D virtual patient
  • Smile design
  • Open system
  • High precision
  • Counseling & esthetic treatment

One-shot 3D Face Scanner

Voxel Dental RAYFace scanner

Smile Design Increases Case Acceptance

After scanning with RAYFace, you can show the images to the patients who have access to the Smile Library. Mock-up veneer can then be produced immediately using a 3D printer and then used for patient try-in.

Convenient Patient Photography

Taking pictures of patients has become easy. Easy software operation and fast scanning have minimized the inconveniences for patients and operators.

Voxel Dental RAYFace scanner photography

Dental Clinical Applications

3D scanning technology helps you realize your clinical ideas multifacetedly.

One can utilize it for orthodontics, implants, aesthetic, and complex prosthetic treatments.

With Flash 3D Scan technology, RAYFace can acquire the 3D face data without any distortion of the patients whose movements cannot be restrained for a long period of time, such as children, the elderly, and those with uncomfortable jaws.

 Voxel Dental RAYFace existing scannerExisting product

Dynamic scanning > Introduces shaking & distortion

 Voxel Dental RAYFace one shot scannerRAYFace

One-shot scanning with multiple scanner > Optimal outputs


Upgraded Facial Expression

The enhanced Realistic Color Facial Reconstruction (RCFR) V2 technology captures natural contrast and skin tone to reproduce a beautiful facial expression.

Voxel Dental RAYFace scanner hi resHigh-Resolution Camera and Optimal Lighting Tech

9 image sensors operate simultaneously to accurately capture the depth of the subject and creates more realistic 3D data.

The 3D digital lighting technology is safe for the subject’s eyes and skin and does not cause fatigue, enabling a face with a natural smile.

Outstanding Product Design

The curvilinear shapes of RAYFace removes the need for a separate studio space with lighting and cameras.

Voxel Dental RAYFace scanner 3