New approach toward the future

RAYSCAN α (Alpha) changed a trend of dental imaging system by proving its reliability and robustness with the highest level of diagnostic efficiency.

  • Multi FOV
  • 100μm Voxel
  • 10X10 FOV
  • Low Dose
  • Award Winning

As beautiful as your clinic

voxel dental rayscan alpha awards

voxel dental rayscan alpha controls

Ease of use for your convenience

Workflow efficiency

  1. Wireless remote control
  2. Simple and easy GUI on Touch Screen
  3. No cool-off time between patients
  4. Easy wheelchair access

voxel dental rayscan alpha patients

Highly Versatile and Robust

Optimal Size of FOV and Resolution

100μm @ 10x10cm

voxel dental rayscan alpha resolution

Various Options

2D pano or 3D CT with 3 Ceph options

voxel dental rayscan alpha options voxel dental rayscan alpha options 2

Impression CT Scan
New feature for digital impression

Scan your model/impression and Convert the DICOM to STL

voxel dental rayscan alpha digital impression voxel dental rayscan alpha digital impression 2


Real-time IoT Service

24/7 monitoring

Real-time health check and Preventive alerts

Remote upgrade for the latest software and firmware